New library podcast creates space for 土著 perspectives on 真理


澳门太阳城游戏’s Associate 大学 Librarian – Reconciliation Ry莫兰, host of the new podcast series Taapwaywin, in his 首页 studio in Summer 2022. (Credit: Chad Hipolito)

Exploring the power of 真理-telling in advancing human rights

内容 warning: this story includes multiple mentions of the residential school system.  全国寄宿学校危机热线为幸存者和他们的家人提供全天候服务.  If you are in need of support, please call 1-866-925-4419. Services and resources are also listed on 澳门太阳城游戏’s Orange Shirt Day webpage

加拿大’s genocide is getting harder to deny.  人们也日益认识到,人权和土著人民的观点为结束加拿大普遍存在的暴力提供了解决办法.  从 Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC),到 National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered 土著 Women and Girls and the introduction of the Declaration on the Rights of 土著 Peoples Act 在不列颠哥伦比亚省,基于人权的解决方案开始在社会中形成更大的形式. 

There remains a long road ahead, and 真理-telling efforts remain essential.  然而,如果真相必须先于和解,为什么土著的真相经常被压制?

Talking about what we know and what we believe

A new podcast seriesTaapwaywin: Talking about what we know and what we believe 澳门太阳城游戏图书馆的目标是在这个问题上表达原住民的观点, 利用播客的力量,将其作为课堂之外分享知识的重要而重要的方式, 或者校园.  

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Hosted by Associate 大学 Librarian – Reconciliation Ry莫兰, Taapwaywin features conversations with Elders, Knowledge Keepers, 幸存者, 学者, 艺术家, 活动人士和社区领袖认为,讲真话可以在社会愈合中发挥作用.

This podcast explores how power, memory, human rights and 真理-telling intersect.

全方位的莫兰, 播客主机, 她是红河社团的成员,也是大学图书馆的首任副馆长,是澳门太阳城游戏图书馆高级管理团队的一员, 它坐落在l æ k æ k æ n民族和songhee人的传统领土上, Esquimalt and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples


Truth before 和解

Moran’s path to produce this podcast builds on decades of work. From his recent role as the founding director of the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation prior to his arrival at 澳门太阳城游戏, to statement-gathering work with the TRC, 以及为纪念那些从未从寄宿学校回来的孩子们所做的重要努力, 莫兰听了数千小时寄宿学校幸存者的陈述. 这些令人难以置信的事实——以及trc工作中包含的教义——塑造了莫兰对加拿大的看法, and the change that’s necessary. 

After completing the interviews for the first season of the podcast, Moran找到了Michif Elder Norman Fleury,为这个项目的播客取一个合适的名字. After discussing the concept and content, Fleury felt that Taapwaywin (密歇根语中的“真相”)最好地描述了等待听众的对话的本质.

Learning through case studies

在一集里, 莫兰考察了博物馆与真相的关系,以及它们是如何掩盖事实的.

We have to commit to finding ways to live together. And there's going to be ups and downs in that. But that word to me, is a contract: coexistence.

Jisgang Nika Collison, podcast contributor

“You can't have coexistence without reparation,” explains Jisgang Nika Collison, who is also the executive director and curator of Haida Gwaii Museum, in an episode of the podcast. “And you can't have reparation without acceptance. You can't have acceptance without 真理-telling. 在有一个人们愿意听到真相的论坛之前,你是不可能说出真相的. 在真相被主流化之前,你不可能有一个人们愿意听到真相的论坛."  

One of the stories told is about brothers, 雕刻家和艺术家Jaalen和Gwaai Edenshaw于2015年从海达瓜伊前往英国皮特河博物馆,了解1884年从他们的社区带走的一个宏伟的海达bentwood盒子背后的故事.

知道这个大盒子不会从博物馆归还给他们住的海达瓜伊, the brothers spent 30 days recreating its intricate details. Moran observes that even though museums are colonial institutions, 它们可以成为治疗和学习的空间——在这里,人们面对关于藏品的艰难真相——也可以成为建立和维持健康和相互支持的关系的空间.


The intersection of libraries and 土著 knowledge

Deep listening is what Moran and Karina Greenwood, Taapwaywin’s producer and writer, hope people do when they tune in to the series. 格林伍德说:“作为一个移民国家,澳门太阳城游戏有责任倾听土著人民的声音。. “长老, 知识保持者和幸存者分享他们的故事给了澳门太阳城游戏一份礼物——倾听他们的故事是一种荣幸.”

Since Moran’s arrival at 澳门太阳城游戏 库, his work has been to recognize that 土著 knowledge comes 从 many sources. Some is written down, but much of it can only be accessed through relationship, dialogue and listening.

The learning ahead

作为创造者, host and composer, 莫兰的这个多年系列节目的目标是让播客对正在进行的关于真相与和解工作中纠缠的一些复杂话题的对话做出有意义的贡献.  By amplifying the voices, ideas and efforts of leading thinkers and Knowledge Keepers on these topics, 该播客旨在帮助将重要的观点带给世界各地的听众.

多年来, 每次我走进真相与和解委员会办公室的大门, I was visually reminded of the words, 澳门太阳城游戏共同经历的真相将有助于释放澳门太阳城游戏的精神,为和解铺平道路.’


Moran希望这个播客能对帮助加拿大人更好地了解原住民的生活经验和解决方案的重要工作做出有意义的贡献. While the topics covered in the podcasts deal with difficult material, the importance of 真理 takes centre stage in this podcast.

“说出真相——尤其是土著人民的真相——不管有多困难, is a necessary precursor to 和解,莫兰补充道.

The series is available on major podcast platforms and on the website Taapwaywin.ca在CFUV的支持下,澳门太阳城游戏的战略框架影响基金得以实现.


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关键词: 社区, 土著, 行政, faculty and staff, 和解, 真理, 非殖民化, 历史

人: Ry莫兰, Karina Greenwood

出版: 戒指

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